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Why Choose HYHO?


You’ll receive the highest quality service and one-on-one attention. HYHO spends time getting to know you to ensure the work reflects your style and needs. HYHO works with you throughout the process to create perfectly designed materials that help you meet your goals.


HYHO understands the financial considerations of therapists managing private practices and non-profit organizations. We offer the highest quality work at affordable prices. HYHO will work with you to determine the most essential services and products based on your needs and all costs are detailed up front.


HYHO values you and your time, which means you’ll get high quality work delivered when you need it. Open communication and transparency throughout the process keeps you up-to-date with the status of your project so you can be sure your deadlines are met.

Jennifer M. Iannuzzi, MSW, LCSW

This past year has helped me realize a lot about myself… but in particular my professional self.  It became clear to me that my voice, my skills, and my goals needed some updating. A few months ago I was listening to a podcast about how to market yourself as a therapist and I came across Misha Conaway, founder of HYHO Marketing & Design, and together we found my voice.  Misha and I spent hours talking and together we discovered who my professional self really is. Thank you so much Misha! I have learned so much and my new website articulates it perfectly!!

Jordan Zipkin, LMFT

Misha is an outstanding human being and writer. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Misha for over a year.  I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, who recently moved from California to Florida, and she has been absolutely crucial in helping me to become established here. Her writing is professional, eloquent, and precise. Misha is incredibly professional, timely, and intelligent.  She has also continually proven to be a superior listener and incredibly passionate about helping others succeed. I give Misha my highest recommendation to anybody looking for help with their writing and improving their private practice!

Westside Therapy

Becky McGinnis, MS, LPCC

Working with Misha has been so great! I cannot recommend her enough! She really helped me think about my practice and how to best develop my brand. Although the idea of developing my brand and being able to effectively communicate that through my website felt very overwhelming, she helped break each step down into manageable parts. The finished product of my website really came together! Clients who were a much better fit for me began reaching out. I also started attracting more clients who were willing to pay my out-of-pocket rate. If you are thinking of reconsidering your business brand and need a logo and website that really represents who you are, I highly recommend Misha for the job!!

Jeanette Koski

Misha has been exceptionally responsive with setting up our organization’s website. Her pricing is reasonable and she is good at explaining her services and following through with our requests. She has also done research on her own to find plug-ins and features to meet our organizations needs. I highly recommend her.

President, Utah Occupational Therapy Association

Beth Rontal, LICSW

Misha Conaway has the qualities I value as a professional. For starters, she’s incredibly bright, creative, and responsive. She seems to thrive on collaboration. Always thoughtful, she shares her opinions and can always explain her reasoning, which instills confidence in our decisions. She seems genuinely interested in helping me and my business be successful and goes the extra mile to make it happen. The bonus is that I like her as a person. She’s warm, funny, and cares deeply about others.

Owner, Documentation Wizard

Dr. Heather Violante

Misha is an ease to work with. She understands my vision, communicates clearly, and excellent at keeping commitments. I love her writing style, speaking directly to the client while still delivering professional ideas and concepts.

Founder & President, Serenity Lane Psychological Services

Tyler Denison

Misha has been an invaluable help in setting up our business website. She designed a bold logo which perfectly represents the spirit and vision of our company. Moreover, she has provided collaborative support at every step of the website design process, to help me build a website which fits the service I am providing customers. I cannot thank Misha enough for her help and her enthusiastic, candid, and heuristic approach.

Co-Founder, DnD ESL

Bill Faber

Misha built and setup our new website, and her ideas and suggestions were great. She is very easy to work with. Her pricing is reasonable and her follow through exceptional. She understands our vision and we will continue to work with her on marketing plans using our new website.

Lydiksen & Faber Insurance

Carmen Gehrke, LMHC

Misha has a gift and helps me connect to my clients through her writing. I struggle to write and get my thoughts on paper, but Misha honors me and listens to me and with her help I can put myself out there and build a relationship with clients before they step into my office. It could take me hours to do the work, and she does it so much quicker because she has that gift. Now I can spend that time focusing on my practice and doing the work I love.

Meg McAuley Kaicher

It was efficient to go through the website building process with Misha, someone who is experienced and passionate about what they do. It was a great creative process and implementation happened seamlessly.

Board President, Greenwich Botanical Center

Paul Sieswerda

Gotham Whale has been blessed with our association with Misha and her good work in setting up our website. HYHO Marketing & Design specializes in not-for-profits that often work, as we do, with limited budgets, and was able to present not only the clean and impressive look of our site, but also create interactive pages while keeping costs minimal. Misha’s help has been a major factor in presenting a professional image and a working model for success. We are pleased to have developed a superior relationship with her in these critical areas and look to utilize the her design, social media, and marketing skills to grow our organization even further.

Executive Director, Gotham Whale

Katrina Michelle, PhD, LCSW

Misha’s enthusiasm for my mission coupled with her practical support and dedication has led to a working partnership that allows me to confidently move forward in developing my vision and building my business.

Founder, The Curious Spirit